Global Business Soft-Skill Courses

We offer the most up-to-date professional courses in both Japanese and English that are designed to greatly improve functional business skills. Our programs follow a multi-step process of needs assessment, goal setting, implementation and evaluation. All training is trainee-focused and results driven. Materials are up-to-date and industry related, offering true tailor-made packages to meet your individual corporate needs. Duration and intensity is also customized according to client requirements.


We never deliver “off-the-shelf” courses, instead preferring to carefully develop specialized programs specific to client requests. Areas in which we have successfully implemented courses include:

  • Assertiveness in Global Organizations
  • Conflict Management in International Environments
  • Teleconferencing across borders
  • High-impact presentation skills
  • Global meeting skills
  • Facilitating across cultures
  • Results-driven sales training
  • Cross-cultural negotiating skills
  • High-impact business emails
  • Cross-cultural training for overseas assignments
  • Cultural awareness program for international assignees to Japan
  • Business telephone skills

All of these courses can be delivered individually or as part of a package, either to groups or on a 1:1 coaching basis. For further details on any of the above programs, or if you have any specific program requests, contact us at:

E-mail :

Tel : 03-5637-8879

Success Story

Training is only effective if it promotes learning

"Communications and working relationships between management, departments and regions were reported to have significantly improved. Japanese teams became more engaged in Global communications, and were able to present their ideas in a much more persuasive and logical style. Meetings became much more productive with frustration levels reducing. Conflict resolution was improved, leading to fewer escalations, and more creative solutions."

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Key to Success

“How do we ensure effective learning is achieved?”

We all have different learning styles and preferences and it’s essential that all of these styles are catered for.  To achieve this we utilize a 4-step cycle which ensures that all participants remain actively engaged throughout courses.

Adult Learning Cycle

“How do we measure results?”

At Platinum we feel the evaluation of training is an essential process which, when done effectively, offers tremendous value to both trainees and their organizations. That is why we offer a full program evaluation service as part of our package. Whenever possible we implement the following process:

Adult Learning Cycle